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Inter-American Institute of Insurance


At the Inter-American Institute of Insurance, we are committed to investing our experience and resources to further our cause,

    Develop and maintain efficiency in the insurance industry of the Americas

Our roots can be traced to 1993, we have been supporting the Americas insurance community members in a variety of ways and measuring our success not by monetary terms, but by qualitative measures, such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts.

                                       Imagine what we can achieve together!

Our Pillars

education and outreach

We aim to develop and maintain efficiency in the Americas insurance sector. Through our outreach program we provide education and instruction on efficient economies through the transfer of risk using insurance tools.

Advisor Development

The Institute takes great pride in our curriculum. We have highly interactive and engaging courses across all levels that professionally develop the advisors

Industry Support

The institute helps shape and drive involvement in the community and professional organizations through developmental opportunities in the insurance sector. Written in our charter, we are always available to support any cause that is important to the insurance industry.

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