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Inter-American Institute of Insurance

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What is the Internationa Health Insurance Professional Designation® ?


The IHIP represents the inaugural and first-ever global health insurance designation, providing Insurance Advisors with the fundamental building blocks necessary to expertly navigate clients through the complex realm of Global Health Insurance. While no prerequisites are necessary to embark on the IHIP program, a mandatory three-year experience in the insurance industry is required for completion and graduation.

Course Lineup


Required Courses:


IA 323 - International Health Insurance Principles & Products

IA 355 - International Health Insurance Contract Law

IA 365 - International Health Group Policies and Benefits

IA 101 - Ethics for the International Advisor

Elective (2 Course from Line up)

IA 123 - Reinsurance Essentials and Administration 

IA 145 - International Marketing Fundamentals

IA 186 - Contemporary Insurance Solutions for Blended Families

IA 731 - International Private Retirement Plans Essentials

IA 561 - Principles International Life Insurance for Business Proprietor

IA 532 - International Investment Principles

To receive and use the designation the candidate must:

1- Successfully graduate and pass all required courses

2- Comply and adhere to the Code of Conduct and Ethics Regulations 

3- Adhere to the Continuing Development Requirements

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