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Inter-American Institute of Insurance

What is the Internationa Health Insurance Professional Designation® ?


The IHIP is the most complete designation when global health insurance . It provides the Insurance Advisor the basic building blocks required to comprehensively design and navigate clients through the Global Life Insurance arena. There are no pre-requisites before you can begin your journey of the CIIA program but before completion and graduation three-year Insurance industry experience is a required.

Course Lineup


Required Courses:


IA 323 - International Health Insurance Principles & Products

IA 355 - International Health Insurance Contract Law

IA 365 - International Health Group Policies and Benefits

IA 101 - Ethics for the International Advisor

Elective (2 Course from Line up)

IA 123 - Reinsurance Essentials and Administration 

IA 145 - International Marketing Fundamentals

IA 186 - Contemporary Insurance Solutions for Blended Families

IA 731 - International Private Retirement Plans Essentials

IA 561 - Principles International Life Insurance for Business Proprietor

IA 532 - International Investment Principles

To receive and use the designation the candidate must:

1- Successfully graduate and pass all required courses

2- Comply and adhere to the Code of Conduct and Ethics Regulations 

3- Adhere to the Continuing Development Requirements

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