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Inter-American Institute of Insurance

Awards and Recognition

Each year, it is our honor to recognize and celebrate the brightest talents in the insurance industry through our esteemed awards and honorable mentions. We firmly believe that these outstanding individuals deserve acclaim for their significant contributions to the field. Many of our award nominees are recommended by their peers, underscoring the respect and admiration they have earned within the industry.

Despite the vast geographical expanse of the Americas, our commitment remains focused on identifying and honoring those whose efforts have substantially advanced our shared mission and core values:

- Enhancing insurance penetration across the Americas
- Continually improving and maintaining efficiency within the insurance industry

We warmly invite nominations. If you believe that you or someone on your team merits this prestigious recognition, we encourage you to put forward their name by completing our accessible online nomination form.

Recognizes Managers and General Agents who help increase insurance penetration in the Americas by leading, training and developing productive sales forces

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