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Inter-American Institute of Insurance

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What does the Kidnap & Ransom Specialist Advisor® designation entail?

The KRSA® designation signifies expertise in the field of kidnapping and ransom risk management. Professionals who hold this designation are well-versed in the strategies, best practices, and techniques necessary to effectively manage and mitigate these situations. ​ KRSA® Designation holders play a pivotal role in helping organizations and individuals proactively prepare for and respond to kidnapping and ransom incidents. They ensure compliance with industry standards, legal requirements, and ethical guidelines while safeguarding the safety and interests of those at risk. ​ Overall, this designation underscores a commitment to security, ethical conduct, and the protection of individuals and organizations from the unique challenges posed by kidnapping and ransom situations.

Course Lineup


Required Courses:

- KRSA 101 - Understanding K&R Insurance: An in-depth exploration of the principles, coverage types, and nuances of K&R insurance, including how policies are structured and what risks they mitigate.


- KRSA 102 - Risk Assessment: Techniques for assessing the risk of kidnapping and ransom situations, including factors like geographic risk, industry-specific risks, and individual risk profiles.

- KRSA 103 - Policy Underwriting: Strategies for underwriting K&R insurance policies, including evaluating the insured's needs, setting appropriate coverage limits, and pricing premiums.


Elective (Choose 2 from the following):


- ICD 8801 - Legal and Regulatory Compliance in K&R: An understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks surrounding K&R insurance, both domestically and internationally.

- ICD 8802 - Crisis Response and Assistance: Knowledge of how to coordinate and provide assistance in response to a kidnapping or ransom situation, including working with law enforcement, security firms, and crisis response teams.

- ICD 8805 - Ethical Considerations: Examining the ethical dilemmas and responsibilities faced by professionals in the K&R insurance field, such as ensuring the safety and well-being of victims while protecting the interests of the insured.

- ICD 880-8- International and Cultural Considerations: Understanding the cultural, social, and geopolitical factors that can impact K&R situations, especially in a global context.

To earn and utilize this designation, candidates must:

1. Successfully complete and pass all required courses.
2. Abide by the Code of Conduct and Ethics Regulations.
3. Maintain compliance with Continuing Development Requirements.

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