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Inter-American Institute of Insurance

What is the Certified Life Field Underwriter Designation®  ?


The CLFU is our entry level designation that dissects and navigates the complex and intricate world of Global Life Insurance. The courses probe into various relevant topics that will help demystify several themes and subjects. Once graduated from the Certified Life Field Underwriter designation the Insurance Advisor will be skilled in the fundamentals of International Life Insurance.

Course Lineup


Required Courses:


IA 501 - International Life Insurance Principles & Products

IA 555 - International Life Insurance Contract Law

IA 561 - Principles of International Life Insurance for Business Proprietors 

IA 532 - International Investment Principles

IA 101 - Ethics for the International Advisor

Elective (1Course from Line up)

IA 123 - Reinsurance Essentials and Administration 

IA 143 - International Marketing Fundamentals

To receive and use the designation the candidate must:

1- Successfully graduate and pass all required courses

2- Comply and adhere to the Code of Conduct and Ethics Regulations 

3- Adhere to the Continuing Development Requirements

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