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Inter-American Institute of Insurance

The Inter-American Institute of Insurance and the Dominican Republic Superintendent are developing the framework for cooperation agreements.

Coral Gables, Florida (March 15th, 2022)

Within the framework of the bilateral brotherhood and cooperation agreements, the Interamerican Institute of Insurance and The Office of The Superintendent of Dominican Republic Office are in negotiations with the mutual goal of fostering education in the insurance sector in the Dominican Republic. In the meeting held on March 15, 2022, in the Superintendent’s office in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, The Honorable Josefa A. Castillo Rodriguez received a delegation from the Interamerican Institute of Insurance.


“We are very optimistic to support the Superintendent, Mrs. Castillo Rodriguez’s work in the Dominican Republic. She has created a strategic alliance with the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo to offer courses in insurance education. With the sole objective of promoting the great educational potential of the Country, we will put all the institute’s weight and resources supporting this noble cause. Whether it is support in the form of designing the outline and course work or assistance with lending instructors, The Superintendent, Mrs. Castillo Rodriguez has our absolute and total collaboration.” Stated the head of the governance committee.

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About Inter-American Institute of Insurance

The Inter-American Institute of Insurance is committed to investing their experience and resources to further our cause of developing and maintain efficiency in the insurance industry of the Americas. Their roots can be traced back to1993. Since then, they have been supporting the Americas insurance community members in a variety of ways. They measure their success qualitative measures, such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts.
About Office of the Superintendent of Insurance - Dominican Republic
The Office of the Superintendent of Insurance in the Dominican Republic goal is to Regulate the insurance market through the supervision and control of insurance, reinsurance, intermediary and adjuster operations to guarantee its stability and development. Powers conferred on the Superintendence of Insurance in Law No. 146-02 on Insurance and Bonds of the Dominican Republic. For more information, please visit Https://
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