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Inter-American Institute of Insurance

The InterAmerican Institute of Insurance is proud to announce that the Grants and Scholarships application season has opened for 2022.

Coral Gables, Florida (April 1st, 2022)

The IAINS has opened the scholarships and grants applications for the 2022 season. The programs are aimed at helping finance the development of Insurance advisors in the Americas in order to enhance and maintain efficiency in the insurance industry. The long-term vitality of the industry depends directly on the engagement and empowerment of the younger generations stepping up to eventually fill the senior roles.  


The Education and Outreach Committee chair was quoted, “this is our favorite season, its where the rubber meets the road and where we get to see firsthand all the tangible assistance, we are able to provide. For all of you on the bubble, apply, apply & apply. Education is crucial to ensuring a bright future for generations to come in our industry, but we know how expensive education can be, and that’s what these programs were designed to tackle.”


To apply for a scholarship or a grant, please utilize the Interamerican Institute of Insurance website. (

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About Inter-American Institute of Insurance

The Inter-American Institute of Insurance is committed to investing their experience and resources to further our cause of developing and maintain efficiency in the insurance industry of the Americas. Their roots can be traced back to1993. Since then, they have been supporting the Americas insurance community members in a variety of ways. They measure their success qualitative measures, such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts.
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